About Us

Tribeofthehaze is a small independent clothing company based in Pryor, Oklahoma. It was unofficially started back in 2012 when I [Austin Hazleton] would get bored and draw little designs on my homework and notes. Clothing design and art has always been been a real interest of mine. I eventually learned how to use programs such as photoshop and illustrator and was able to make my doodles on my school work into real designs that would be later used on my clothing. 2014 is when we officially started when I made our first product.

Meaning of the Name

There is actually no signfigants behind the name. It was just a name me and my cousin made up a while ago. I actually never planned on using it as the name for my clothing company. I just needed a filler name at the time until i thought of the real name. But it eventually stuck.